"How to...", "How to..." Crochet

“How to…” make a slip knot

As promised, this is the first article in my “How to…” crochet series.

Today, we’re starting with the basics of most crochet projects – the Slip Knot.

This is how we’ll start off most of our blanket patterns as this is a simple way to make the starting loop on your hook ready to create your foundation chain. There are a few different ways to make a slip knot, the video below shows my preferred method.

For this tutorial I am using:

  1. Loop the length of yarn twice around your finger with the second loop behind the first. 
  2. Pull up the loop closest to your fingertip and place behind the back loop. 
  3. Pull the back loop through the front loop and pull closed to make your slip knot. 
  4. Insert your hook and pull on the long length of yarn to tighten the loop to your hook – don’t make this too tight, the loop should still be able to move easily along your hook. 

More tutorials to follow soon, watch this space!



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