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“How to…” make a foundation chain

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Next up in the “How to…” crochet series, we’re going to be making a foundation chain.

For this tutorial I am using:

The foundation chain forms the basis of many blankets and is a staple in the world of crochet. The length of your foundation chain will determine how big or small you make your final blanket.

When making the foundation chain it’s important to crochet quite loosely, otherwise when you add the next rows to the blanket, it may start to curve into a rainbow shape. If you find it hard to crochet loosely, you can also use a hook one or two sizes bigger when making the chain.

  1. Make a slip knot (you can find a tutorial for this here).
  2. Wrap the yarn around your left hand in a way you find comfortable. I wrap the yarn around my index finger, then lay it across my palm tucking it between my ring and little fingers.
  3. Move the hook away from you and underneath the yarn.
  4. As you then bring the hook back over the yarn, catch the yarn in the hook.
  5. Pull the yarn through the loop already on your hook.
  6. Continuing making chains in this way until you have a foundation chain of the desired length – this will be your blanket width.

Next up, I’ll have tutorials for the double (US single) and treble (US double) crochet stitches.


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