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How to… make a magic loop

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A magic loop (also know as a magic ring) is commonly used when making amigurumi projects as it allows you to tightly secure your starting ring, hence stopping any stuffing from spilling out later!


This tutorial is written in UK terms and uses the following stitches (stitch tutorials can be found in my crochet stitch guide):

chain, ch: Yarn over, pull through loop.

Double crochet, dc (US single crochet): Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook, yarn over again and pull through both loops.


Step 1:

Keeping your non-dominant hand with the palm facing up, wrap the yarn around your first three fingers.

Step 2:

Bring the yarn around your hand once more, this time crossing over the first loop.

The yarn should make a cross on your palm and then form two separate strands – like train tracks on the top of your hand.

Step 3:

With your palm now facing down, insert your crochet hook underneath the loop closest to your fingertips.

Use your hook to draw through the second loop underneath the first loop. Twist the loop as you pull it through and chain 1.

Step 4:

You’re now ready to start your first round. In this example I’ve worked 6 double crochet into the centre of my ring.

To close the ring, pull on the short tail of yarn. Make sure sew the end in securely at the end of your project.


For this tutorial I used:

As always, i’d love to see what you all end up making, you can share them with me via my instagram @SophieStitches_UK.

Happy crocheting!



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