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How to… make a magic knot (invisible join)

An invisible knot is a method of joining two strands of yarn so that, as the name suggest, the join is hidden and so, doesn't disrupt the pattern of your crocheted item. Typically, this type of knot is only used to join together the same coloured yarn strands, for example, when you run out of… Continue reading How to… make a magic knot (invisible join)

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“How to…” Half Treble Crochet (US Half Double)

This time we're going to learning how to make the half - treble crochet stitch (half - double crochet in US terms). Another of the basic crochet stitches, this stitch is really versatile. I've used this stitch to make blankets, add a neat border to my granny squares and to add height to my amigurumi… Continue reading “How to…” Half Treble Crochet (US Half Double)

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How to… make a magic loop

A magic loop (also know as a magic ring) is commonly used when making amigurumi projects as it allows you to tightly secure your starting ring, hence stopping any stuffing from spilling out later! Stitches: This tutorial is written in UK terms and uses the following stitches (stitch tutorials can be found in my crochet… Continue reading How to… make a magic loop

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“How to…” make a solid granny square

This tutorial will describe how to make a solid, seamless granny square. This was the first crocheted item I ever made. I had the grand plan of making a king sized granny square blanket for my bed. However, whilst it's pretty quick to make one granny square, making 1000 of them takes a lot longer...… Continue reading “How to…” make a solid granny square

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“How to…” calculate the length of your foundation chain

In this post i'm going to tell you how to work out the length of your foundation chain for your next project. For a tutorial on how to make a foundation chain, click here or watch the video below. https://youtu.be/Y3frd-dKS5M The foundation chain forms the basis of many crochet blankets and will determine how wide… Continue reading “How to…” calculate the length of your foundation chain

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“How to…” Get started with crochet

https://youtu.be/A3YhufoGTGU Welcome to my "How to…" crochet tutorial series! Since you're here, you must be looking to learn the wonderful craft that is crochet. This post will start with the very basics that you'll need to get going with crochet, including the types of projects you can make and the tools you'll need. Deciding on… Continue reading “How to…” Get started with crochet

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Crochet Stitch Guide

This guide contains a list of all current stitch tutorials on my site. Click the name of any stitch to be taken to the corresponding tutorial. All stitches are in UK terms with the US equivalent in brackets. There's plenty more tutorials on their way but if there's a particular stitch you'd like to see,… Continue reading Crochet Stitch Guide

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“How to…” treble crochet (US Double)

This time we're going to learning how to treble crochet (double crochet in US terms). This simple stitch forms the basis of most granny squares and is used in many blanket patterns. The ripple blanket is mostly made up of treble crochet stitches. I'll be adding a granny square tutorial very soon but for now,… Continue reading “How to…” treble crochet (US Double)

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“How to…” double crochet (US Single)

Today we're going to be learning how to double crochet (US single crochet). Not only is this stitch important when making blankets but it forms the basis for most Amigurumi projects. "Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making crocheted or knitted soft toys" To make these adorable little guys we would work our double crochet… Continue reading “How to…” double crochet (US Single)

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Learning to Punch Needle

This weekend I discovered and fell in love with a new craft! Occasionally I would see these amazing embroidery videos as I was scrolling through Instagram. They looked almost like some kind of witchcraft with these gorgeous threads appearing to be held by thin air. Having spent a couple of days researching materials and techniques… Continue reading Learning to Punch Needle