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“How to…” make a foundation chain

Next up in the "How to..." crochet series, we're going to be making a foundation chain. For this tutorial I am using: The foundation chain forms the basis of many blankets and is a staple in the world of crochet. The length of your foundation chain will determine how big or small you make your… Continue reading “How to…” make a foundation chain

"How to...", "How to..." Crochet

“How to…” make a slip knot

As promised, this is the first article in my "How to..." crochet series. Today, we're starting with the basics of most crochet projects - the Slip Knot. This is how we'll start off most of our blanket patterns as this is a simple way to make the starting loop on your hook ready to create… Continue reading “How to…” make a slip knot

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“How to… ” Crochet Series

I promised a little a while ago (where does time go?!) that I would post "How to..." crochet guides. Over the coming weeks I will be adding tutorials for the following stitches/Techniques: Foundation ChainDouble Crochet (US Single)Treble Crochet (US Double)Magic RingInvisible Yarn JoinSeamless Colour Changes I'll be adding even more tutorials in the future so… Continue reading “How to… ” Crochet Series