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Learning to Punch Needle

This weekend I discovered and fell in love with a new craft! Occasionally I would see these amazing embroidery videos as I was scrolling through Instagram. They looked almost like some kind of witchcraft with these gorgeous threads appearing to be held by thin air. Having spent a couple of days researching materials and techniques… Continue reading Learning to Punch Needle

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“How to…” make a foundation chain

Next up in the "How to..." crochet series, we're going to be making a foundation chain. For this tutorial I am using: The foundation chain forms the basis of many blankets and is a staple in the world of crochet. The length of your foundation chain will determine how big or small you make your… Continue reading “How to…” make a foundation chain

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“How to…” make a slip knot

As promised, this is the first article in my "How to..." crochet series. Today, we're starting with the basics of most crochet projects - the Slip Knot. This is how we'll start off most of our blanket patterns as this is a simple way to make the starting loop on your hook ready to create… Continue reading “How to…” make a slip knot

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“How to… ” Crochet Series

I promised a little a while ago (where does time go?!) that I would post "How to..." crochet guides. Over the coming weeks I will be adding tutorials for the following stitches/Techniques: Foundation ChainDouble Crochet (US Single)Treble Crochet (US Double)Magic RingInvisible Yarn JoinSeamless Colour Changes I'll be adding even more tutorials in the future so… Continue reading “How to… ” Crochet Series


UK to US Crochet Terms

When I first started, I would often get confused as to whether a pattern was in UK or US terms, as unfortunately many patterns don’t clearly state this. One trick is, if the pattern mentions single crochet (SC), then it must be in US terms as SC does not exist in the UK.  As a… Continue reading UK to US Crochet Terms